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Baku is a Japanese mythological creature that feeds on dreams and nightmares. This aspect of the “Baku monster” adequately symbolizes our vaporous artworks.

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Some of our works are strictly abstract, while others merge with the figurative. We use the adobe suite and procreate for the realization of our artworks. We specialize in 2D creations and illustration. Our work is inspired from the theme of dreams. We are drawn to illustrate various women characters in colorful dreamworlds. For the abstract elements, we use resin in which we have diluted fluid pigments. We love this technique because it forces us to adapt to the vagaries of this viscous material. This loss of control frees us from pre-established conventions and from performance anxiety. The emancipated movement found in the play of colours is of great aesthetic quality.

In addition, we have created various collaboration projects with different visual artists. We had the chance to work with painters, 3D artists and photographers from here (Canada) and elsewhere. Artists such as : Dirty RobotArchan NairAeforiaVoodoo SaladChewy StollMc MonsterJf Lemay and others. The exchange of ideas and the mixture of styles give the paintings a unique dimension. The visual artists community always showed openness to our artistic endeavor and we are very thankful. 

We have made the most of what the digital age we live in has to offer. We have had the fortunate opportunity to export our art internationally. 

Baku - Stéphanie Lamontagne & Dominique G.Lemire

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Artwork in Progress
Published Art

Original Artworks

Quatre humeurs Ethereal 916.jpg

Quatres Humeurs

Four humors, messengers of afflictions as much of the body as of the soul. Four fluids, the root of medical missteps, in an era when life was brief, fleeting, and fragile, while death reigned as sovereign.

Perhaps I am under the sway of black bile, yet I cannot refrain from contemplating these beings of yore with a melancholic heart, driven by their quest for knowledge. And to those who will come after us, will they lean over us with the same arrogance tinged with pity, in the presence of their own scientific progress?

Artistic Medium: A harmonious convergence of digital painting and physical abstract art.

Quatre humeurs LR.jpg

Quatre Humeurs was exhibited at Suburbs Gallery in Montreal as a part of the "Origin Digital Art Show".

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Etheral 2.jpg


"Through her gaze, she embodies the duality of strength and vulnerability, serving as a testament to the intricacies of the human experience."

Available on SuperRare

Artistic Medium: A harmonious convergence of digital painting and physical abstract art.




This artwork was featured in Suburbs Gallery December show # E 4 4 E 2 9

For this exhibition, we invited artists to use the orange colour code RGB: # E 4 4 E 2 9 within their compositions. In this drop, it symbolizes the dynamic evolution of art and human innovation, from its toxic origins to modern interpretations. Join us in celebrating artistic advancement with the color orange.

Artistic Medium: A harmonious convergence of digital painting and physical abstract art.

Figure final crop lr.jpg

Compositions in a former style


The woman portrait was painted by Baku’s very own Stephanie Lamontagne. Together, we surrounded the subject with a colourful abstraction by using pigmented resin. We repeated this process three times to obtain various interpretations. 

Through this animation, we wanted to illustrate the dreamlike phenomenon of navigating blindly between being awake and asleep. Those nightmares where beginning and end seem to fuse and intertwine. The state of confusion and powerlessness stems from the loss of all bearings, creating the overwhelming impression of being in a never-ending loop. And how the distress of feeling that this state is endless plunges one into great, suffocating fear.

Oil painted character & Resin abstract 

Animation : JF Lemay 
Music : Raphael Favreau


Æternam was featured in the SuperRare Magazine : Top 10 picks by Paloma

Æternam was part of a show curated by Aeforia's Dad on Nifty Gateway


Circa Diem

We wanted to evoke the phenomenon where the border between dreams and reality overlap. The monochromatic eyes of the woman open and close as the movement of colours occur to represent this confusion.

Oil painted character & Resin abstract 

Animation : JF Lemay 
Music : Raphael Favreau


Circa Diem was exhibited at the 0x Society gallery in Montreal

logo-tm noit.png

Pictures by Karel Chladek


The monochrome woman is standing still in the agitation of colours. Our idea was to represent silence through this contrast. The motion of paint illustrates the sound of discordant voices surrounding the quiet subject who is lost in her dreams. 

Oil painted character & Resin abstract 

Animation : JF Lemay 
Music : Raphael Favreau


Owned by Camerado

BAKU_outdoor - cover - sans logo -lr.jpg

Collaboration Projects 

Shape of Things

Dirty Robot x Baku

Shape of Things was created in several stages and with the collaboration of several artists. The character was illustrated by Daniel Isles aka Dirty Robot. We covered his artwork with a mixture of epoxy and pigments. Our goal was to generate colourful energy that would emanate from the shapes held by the character. We wanted to bring a vaporous dimension to Daniel's illustration. The animation created by JF Lemay and the music written by Raphaël Favreau brought this collaboration piece to life.

Animation : JF Lemay 
Music : Raphael Favreau


Full performance Video

Owned by ~Dro~




Voodoo Salad x Baku

Purpurea was created as a result of a multidisciplinary collective effort. The character was illustrated by Voodoo Salad. We covered his artwork with a mixture of epoxy and pigments. Our goal was to emphasize the psychedelic aspect of the subject by using vibrant, high-contrast colours. 

Animation : JF Lemay 
Music : Raphael Favreau


Owned by BlueFlame


Lisa Odette x Baku

The colours of Dahlia’s makeup and jewelry inspired our creation. The diverse colourful movements contrast with the subject who appears to be stoic. This contrast gives the impression that her thoughts are effervescent.

Dahlia_LOxBaku LR.jpg


Chewy Stoll x Baku

Chewy Stoll’s monochrome creation allowed us complete freedom for the choice of colours. The 80s retro-futuristic style inspired the colour palette. This collaboration is a blend of styles between analog and digital art.

Stagacious Chewy Stoll x Baku lr.jpg
Hiedra - Aeforia x Baku.jpg

Hiedra - Aeforia x Baku

Arch foncé reworked.jpg

Fandanguero - Archan Nair 

Morado - Archan Nair 

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